My mom is 73 years old living alone down in Florida. I had been trying to get a cell phone for her just in case something happens because we are not around. But she kept saying she is just not used to carry a cell phone everywhere plus cell phones are too expensive. But last year at Mother’s day, we got her a Tracfone, a type of prepaid cell phone from Tracfone Wireless and it works great for her. Even my mom herself said he loves that Tracfone phone.

Many people asked me why did I buy a Tracfone, especially most of their phones are old. Nowadays, peoples are all using smart phones, such as iPhone, Android Phones, BlackBerry, who could buy an ancient prepaid phone from Tracfone Wireless. Well, be honest, the thing is, can you imagine my 73 year old mother using iPhone? She won’t. What she really needs is just a phone she can call us when there is any emergency. The reason I bought it because I believe several things about Tracfone could fit my old mom’s situation very well:

1. It is reliable phone with cheap price. It does not have to be fancy, just make calls. Most of them phones are free when you buy an air card to get started. Their better phones normally cost about $10 – $20.
Get a Samsung T101G for only $9.99
Get a FREE LG410G when you purchase the 60 Minutes card bundle
Purchase a 120 minute airtime card for just $29.99 and receive the Motorola V170 FREE!

2. They have very good wireless coverage. You see the TV commercial about AT&T and Verizon beating up each other on their wireless coverage. Tracfone does not have their own network. Instead, they rent network from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. That actually makes the Tracfone have the best coverage than any others.

3. Simple fee. No contract, no annul fee. Simply pay as you call. Normally it is 10 cent per minute. You can get their double minutes for life, or other discount on their phone card which will make it even cheaper. I have a another Tracfone for my oldest son in middle school, he likes it too. That actually make me easier to budget.

4. Easy to get. You can get them from most of the chain stores, such as BestBuy, RadioShack, Walgreen or even Walmart. You can get their air card from those stores too.

5. One thing need to pay attention is, they have a life of service. Which basically, you need to make sure to keep the service active. For example, say you buy an air card with 90 minutes air time and 120 days of service. That means even if you don’t use a single minute, after 120 days, the phone will become inactive. You simply need to buy another air card to turn it back active again. Normally, that won’t happen though.

So, overall, comparing Tracfone to other carrier’s prepaid cell phone and phone plans, Tracfone has the cheapest phone and cheapest plan with best network coverage, plus they are also expanding their service to other brands such as Net10, StraightTalk, no wonder they are one of the best. My second boy will go to middle school soon, probably I will get a third Tracfone for him next year too.